Hammock Reads July 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

Hacksaw Ridge Deserves an Oscar for Redefining Heroism, Lawrence W. Reed, FEE . . . Happy Independence Day with a little recognition for an unconventional soldier of peace.

Mr. Money Mustache vs. Dave Ramsey, Brian Jones, BrianJones.com . . . Surprise reflections on how Jesus might “live like no one else.”

How to Live Frugally and Save Money: 100+ Genius Ways to Save, R.J. Weiss, The Ways to Wealth . . . Covering all your bases: utilities, food, financial services, taxes, entertainment, work, kids, and travel.

Church Fined $12,000 for Giving Shelter to Homeless, Brittany Hunter, Generation Opportunity . . . Why allow charities to be charitable when the government already does it so well?

Full Tour of my 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion, Kristin Bor, Bearfoot Theory . . . One day when Big Country and I settle the kids into their own homes, we’re hitting the road in a sweet van like this one!

Photo credit: Chris Thompson

Hammock Reads June 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads on love, liberty and shelter . . .

What My Girls Think About Me, Timothy Willard . . . What his three little pixies really see, and a daddy’s manifesto of love, joy, and manliness for all times.

Are You Committed? Pastor Jeff Urwiller, Evangelical Free Church of Eaton . . . Inspiring and dead-on target. What does it really take to walk the Christian walk?

Teens Need Less Schooling and More Apprenticeships, Kerry McDonald, Intellectual Takeout . . . Let’s imagine a world where the youth of America are happy, productive, learning and earning!

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury . . . The first in a series of easy-going, valuable primers for all ages. This one has fun with money, inflation, the boom and bust cycles, and other fascinating topics.

Why Kids Benefit From Fewer Toys, Emily Wade, Think About Now . . . What do kids really need to play and learn, and what are they better off without?

How the Sharing Economy Can Help You Go Minimalist, Michael Munger, FEE . . . Solving the problems of too much stuff, not enough access. “For the first time in human history, entrepreneurs can make money just by selling reductions in transaction costs.”

Hammock Reads May 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

An Atlas of Tolkien by David Day

An Atlas of Tolkien, David Day . . . Beautifully illustrated with genealogies, maps, and histories of battles fought and loves lost, this $8 leather-bound bargain is perfect for leafing through slowly.

Yes, it is a Virtue to Reject Charity, Jeffrey Tucker, Liberty.me . . . Reclaiming the old-fashioned notion of individualism in the face of easy welfare.

When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story . . . Drawing lessons from her journey as her new husband’s caretaker after the discovery of a brain tumor, this singer-songwriter shares truths from the Bible on suffering and life.

How a Bicycle and Medical Cannabis Transformed Life with Parkinson’s, Herb.co . . . Discussing Ride with Larry, a new documentary following a man’s tireless pursuit of a healthier, more normal and mobile life.

Hammock Reads April 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

I Gave Up TV, then Qualified for Olympic Marathon Trials and Got My PhD, Teal Burrell, Washington Post . . . What could a little harmless past-time be standing in the way of?

8 Characteristics of People Who Are Successful At Getting Out of Debt, Lama Farran, Becoming Minimalist . . . Clear and concise traits to emulate if pursuing a debt-free life.

How Forced Schooling Harms Children, Peter Gray, Alternatives to School . . . Taking a hard look at the creativity, initiative, independence, and positive social, academic, and emotional growth often obliterated by compulsory education.

The King Raven Trilogy, Stephen Lawhead, Amazon . . . Our first books featured on Hammock Reads (finally)! Historical fiction adventures of Robin Hood recast in Wales. The three books of the series, Hood, Scarlet, and Tuck, feature the poignant struggle of the invading French against native Welsh with their longbows and knowledge of the formidable, lush woodlands.

Hammock Reads March 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . . 

Why the Liberty Movement in Europe is Rocking So Hard, Jeffrey Tucker, FEE . . . Young classical liberals draw strength from one another in their love of Europe’s tradition of freedom.

How to Use Real Estate Trends to Predict the Next Housing Bubble, Teo Nicolais, Harvard University . . . Learning the historical cycle and timing of recovery, expansion, hypersupply, and recession.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying, Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist . . . This beautiful, encouraging post from a thoughtful simple-living writer could instead be entitled, “How My Grandfather Lived a Life of Love and Purpose.”

What American Populism Really Means, David Smith, FEE . . . In times of crisis, populism emerges as a fight for no less than cultural power. Who will defend and who gets to define the American identity?

7 Pieces of Financial Advice That Forever Changed My Life, Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist . . . From homes to cars to jobs, simple techniques with profound impact.

Hammock Reads February 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

Minimal Privilege, Patrick Rhone, Becoming Minimalist . . . for some, minimalism is an enthusiastic choice against excess; for others, it’s simply living on the brink.

The Oregon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream Tech, Anna Garvey, Mashable . . . a unique slice of a generation, the last with a childhood untouched by social media.

Migration Crisis: Plight of People Stuck in Serbia’s “New Calais” Laid Bare, Nadia Khomeini, The Guardian . . . After 7 years of loyalty as a US Army interpreter, this Afghan man with a family, and many just like him, are in refugee limbo.

Man Celebrates 60th Birthday by Running 525 Miles Across the Spanish Pyrenees, Andrew Townsend, The Art of Non-Conformity . . . Born and bred in Masai country, he made an about-face later in life to embrace rugged cross-country running, camping, marathoning, and charity work.

12 Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipes That Make Breakfast Easier, Julie R. Thomson, Huffpost . . . from quiche to french toast to apple pie oatmeal, a simple, hearty take on the first meal of the day!

Hammock Reads January 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

How to Hygge, or: 29 Ways to Actually Enjoy Winter, Sarah Von Bargen, Yes and Yes . . . Enjoying the cozy Danish tradition of good old-fashioned sledding, knitted socks, candlelight, mulled wine, and reaching out to friends during the darkest time of year.

Chip’s New Year’s Revelation, Chip Gaines, Magnolia Market . . . During these tough times, pursuing unity and restoration through engaging people with love.

6 Strategies You Can Use to Crush Your Mortgage, Claudia, Two Cup House . . . Ideas from a couple of tiny house-seeking, debt-crushing dynamos.

Why There’s Never Enough Time, David Cain, Raptitude . . . Possibilities for worthwhile pursuits are endless, but a life’s hours are not; time to reflect on what to let go.

Announcing Side Hustle School: A Daily Project for 2017, Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity . . . This looks interesting. Don’t we all need a way to diversify, stretch ourselves, and increase our earning power?

12 Theses on a Christian Understanding of Economics, Albert Mohler, Albert Mohler.com . . . Considering money’s relationship to human dignity, family, private property, thrift, generosity, stewardship, initiative, industy, and investment.

Hammock Reads Autumn 2016

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

The Profound Joy of Completion, Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist . . . Deciding what things we have enough of, and what we will never be done pursuing.

2,500 Beautiful Moments from People in 24 Countries, Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity . . . Asking strangers to draw their happiest time that week, kindling gratitude amid the hardships.

Are You Taking the False First Step?, Anthony Ongaro, Break the Twitch . . . “From 2010 until early 2014, I spent over $12,000 on Amazon.com, buying more than 350 items. . . I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was trying to become a better version of myself without doing any real work.”

Hear What American Workers Have to Say About Their Jobs, The Atlantic . . . from helicopter pilot to python hunter to lunch lady to Today Show fan wrangler, 100 glimpses into the jobs we do.

My Year of No Spending is Over-Here’s How I Got Through It, Michelle McGagh, The Guardian . . . free museums, biking in the rain, and other unexpected joys of an extreme challenge.

Hammock Reads September 2016

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .


How Getting Rid of My Stuff Saved My Motherhood, Allie Casazza, The Balanced Life . . . what happens when one woman has had enough of the toys and stuff and chucks everything that’s more work than value.


Continuing the Tiny House Conversation: A Response to Dave Ramsey’s Tiny House Thoughts, Kim Kasl, Bless This Tiny House . . . the benefits of living tiny are personal, practical, dynamic, and far-reaching, outweighing the traditional standards of real estate values.


Forget the Hospital, I Can Give Birth Wherever I Want, Lisa Ling, CNN Money . . . the freedom to choose one’s own health care, and improving maternal and infant outcomes through the proven wisdom of midwife-assisted home births.


Buying Solar Panels? Check Out These Free Tools, Sarah Kezer, Mother Earth News . . . investing in solar is more profitable than ever. Become empowered through becoming aware of incentives and tax credits, calculating your savings, comparing solar providers, and assessing your energy needs.

Hammock August 2016

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .


The Most Important Home Buying Advice You’ll Never Hear from a Realtor, Joshua Becker, Forbes . . . Asking yourself the right questions in pursuing shelter, not necessarily the ones the housing industry wants you to focus on.


A Physician’s Journey into Minimalism, Juan Cuebas, Minimalist Doctor . . . Awakening to the root causes of overwhelming physician burnout and declaring a 180 degree shift toward simplicity.


Frugality is Not Deferred Spending, Mrs. Frugalwoods, Frugalwoods . . . Meticulously scrimping while daydreaming about the next big purchase, or embracing an attitude of “spending only on what matters most to you and only in service of your longterm goals”?


8 Ways to Have More Time, Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity . . . Smart, simple ways to focus on the best and keep on sleeping eight hours a night.


Debt Free, Joshua Fields Millburn, The Minimalists . . . Sipping an Americano paid with cash and reflecting on the journey to simplicity and financial freedom.