Hammock Reads May 2017

A wide-cast net of recent reads to ponder on love, liberty, and shelter . . .

An Atlas of Tolkien by David Day

An Atlas of Tolkien, David Day . . . Beautifully illustrated with genealogies, maps, and histories of battles fought and loves lost, this $8 leather-bound bargain is perfect for leafing through slowly.

Yes, it is a Virtue to Reject Charity, Jeffrey Tucker, Liberty.me . . . Reclaiming the old-fashioned notion of individualism in the face of easy welfare.

When God Doesn’t Fix It, Laura Story . . . Drawing lessons from her journey as her new husband’s caretaker after the discovery of a brain tumor, this singer-songwriter shares truths from the Bible on suffering and life.

How a Bicycle and Medical Cannabis Transformed Life with Parkinson’s, Herb.co . . . Discussing Ride with Larry, a new documentary following a man’s tireless pursuit of a healthier, more normal and mobile life.